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Head of School, Dr. Lyn Rantz
Dr. Lyn Rantz, Head of School

We are always available to answer your questions.  Please contact us at:

Topeka Collegiate School
2200 SW Eveningside Dr.
Topeka, KS 66614


Head of School, Dr. Lyn Rantz:
785-228-0490 ext. 105

Admissions Director, Paula Huff:
785-228-0490 ext. 106

Academic Dean, Ruth Bammes:
785-228-0490 ext. 104

Development Director, Mary Loftus:
785-228-0490 ext. 112

Operations Director, Jane Tilghman:
785-228-0490 ext. 111

Technology Director, David Zlotky
785-228-0490 ext. 108