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Teaching Teens the Right Combination - an evening with David J. Flood 

We are pleased to host David Flood on January 28 at Topeka Collegiate as he presents a message for parents and community members about the lost arts of dignity, respect and compassion. David Flood is a youth motivational speaker who has been helping teens and young adults for over 20 years. He has been a featured speaker at middle school assemblies, high school assemblies, and teacher/counselor conferences throughout the United States and Canada.

During his presentation, David will talk about character, making the right choices, responsibility, integrity, respect, hard work, and compassion through his own life experiences to connect with his audience on an emotional level. 

Each guest will receive a free copy of David's eBook, which is full of helpful strategies for students. RSVP now to ensure yours is waiting for you on January 28.

David Flood from Top Youth Speakers is incredible! He is funny, engaging, compassionate, and brilliant! He knew exactly how to connect with our students and certainly left his mark! He gave us important take-away points that we will never forget and have already implemented here at our school! -Kelsie S., Aaron School, NYC

To learn more about David Flood's message, please visit