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Halloween Wrap-Up

Halloween is a fun marker for library — it can serve as a foundation for our discussions for non-fiction and fiction and the wide variety of fiction types. 

Are you a ghost — mystery? 

Are you Harry Potter? 

Science Fiction/Fantasy? 

Are you a princess?  Fairytale. 

Are you Alexander Hamilton? Non-fiction.

How I delighted in watching each of your children — my three included — in the Halloween parade and I loved hearing about their costumes and how they decided what to be this year. 

For our younger students, we read the adorable “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” as we prepared for Halloween. 

For our older students 3rd grade through 5th grade, we have read some interesting non-fiction articles in our last two classes together.  The first was a diagnosis article in which we had to hypothesize why a man’s fingers had turned purple. The diagnosis provided a fantastic reminder to always read the directions – whether on a math test or a shampoo bottle.  The kids had fun with this one! 

Looking Forward: Underwater Themes

This week and next week, we will read an article about the search effort for the aircraft carrier that sank following a torpedo strike during World War II.  Included in the article was the content of the now-famous “Dear Jackie” letter written by a father to his son.  The letter, a poignant remember of loss and sacrifice, is also full of lessons we can heed even today:

In the meantime, take good care of Mother. Be a good boy and grow up to be a good young man. Study hard when you go to school. Be a leader in everything good in life. Play fair always. Strive to win but if you must lose, lose like a gentleman and a good sportsman. Don’t ever be a quitter either in sports or in your business or profession when you grow up. Get all the education you can. Stay close to Mother and follow her advice. Obey her in everything, no matter how you may at times disagree. She knows what is best and will never let you down or lead you away from the right and honorable things in life. 

The story of the search expedition is fantastic and the students were captivated.

This week in keeping with the underwater sea theme for the older students, we read an excellent non-fiction book about “Giant Squid”.  Be sure and ask your students how many eyes, tentacles and arms the giant squid has.  Also, ask, how long are the giant squid’s tentacles.  We also talked about how we have more pictures in great detail of the surface of Mars then we have of the elusive giant squid and that we know more about the behavior of dinosaurs that lived 65 million years ago than we do about the behavior of the giant squid.  For example, how can the change colors and add polka-dots to their bodies.  And why do they do this? Just yesterday, an article appeared in the Washington Post about a young giant squid that washed up ashore in South Africa.  Unfortunately, I saw this article after our regular meeting, but I can’t wait to share this development with the students in our next class!  But please feel free to talk with them about this recent find too.

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