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Middle School History Day

The National History Day theme is Frontiers in History: People, Places, and Ideas.

Annually, over the course of the first semester, every middle school student participates in our local National History Day. This project requires students to create and present a research-based project to the Topeka Collegiate community at our annual National History Day Night. Plan now to join us at this special event – attendees will surely find something new to add to their knowledge from these young researchers!

Formats you can expect to see:

  • Three engaging projects in the “Performance” category. This means the students research the topic, write a script, build a set, choose costuming, and then perform!
  • Exhibits
  • Websites
  • Documentaries

Topics you can look forward to learning about:

  • The Contributions of James Naismith
  • Brown v Board of Education
  • Early contributions of the Pride efforts in Kansas
  • The Impact of Fingerprinting
  • Creation/discovery of the Double Helix Strands for DNA

The History Day competition at Topeka Collegiate culminates in a judging round to help the students hone and improve their projects for District, State, and National competition. If you have an interest in history, and an availability to help the students with creative, honest feedback, please email our History Day Coordinator, Mrs. Hayley Smith. She will make sure any volunteer judges receive all the information they need to contribute.

Questions? Send us an email!

Email Mrs. Smith to become a History Day Judge