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Every day, Topeka Collegiate makes a commitment to impact the future. Day by day, our students are challenged to be curious, self-motivated, and caring.  We believe in the potential of every child to rise to challenges, whether they be academic, social, physical, or emotional.  This belief drives and inspires our students to search, to inquire, to experience, to innovate, and to begin that process all over again with each new idea, in a safe environment where they are known and cared for. Throughout a child’s experience at Topeka Collegiate, at every age from Prekindergarten through 8th grade, our classrooms are safe places to learn, explore, inquire, examine, and share on the journey to academic excellence and humanitarian ideals. 

Supporting Topeka Collegiate makes so much more possible for our students, faculty and staff. With each gift, Topeka Collegiate is better able to support our students’ education and fulfill our mission to inspire a passion for learning that values intellectual pursuit, creativity, diversity and community involvement. Your generosity enables our faculty and administrators to inspire creative, independent thinkers with a conscious responsibility for the good of all.

Pre-k boy with anatomy book he made



“With our financial support, we are enhancing the future of our children, their classmates, and into the future, our nation.”

                                                                                                          --  Parent