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Fine Arts

Topeka Collegiate believes that the arts play a major role in a child’s academic and social development. The arts emphasize creative thinking and self-expression and are an integral part of a well-rounded education.

Research shows that the benefits of early arts education extend way beyond providing a creative outlet for children. Arts education can help develop imagination, cognitive skills, problem-solving skills, creative abilities, language and more. The arts are truly beneficial, not only as valid areas of study in their own right, but also because they tend to improve academic performance in general. Children in high quality school music programs score higher on standardized tests, for example. (Journal of Research in Music Education, 2006)

At Topeka Collegiate, every child participates in art and music class at least once a week, with opportunities each year to display their work in an art show and perform on-stage in assemblies, music programs and plays. These experiences help transform our students into young people who express themselves effectively and confidently in speaking and writing, in a variety of forms and to a variety of audiences. 

"Art is the child of imagination and gives life."

-- Mirka Mora


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