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We believe that students in middle school are capable of enormous social, emotional, and intellectual growth. Our middle school provides a stimulating academic curriculum and appropriate structures for support. This combination enables students to develop good study habits, intellectual curiosity, responsibility for self and others, and leadership skills. Students learn critical thinking and communication skills across the curriculum, in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, world languages, and leadership courses.

The core curriculum is complemented by visual arts, music, computer skills, physical education, and a twice-weekly electives curriculum that allows students to explore topics of interest, from competition in science fair to photography. Experiential learning is at the core of our middle school teaching philosophy, and extends beyond the classroom for special events, such as the trip to Heifer International’s Global Village, or Sea Camp in the Florida Keys. Our middle school program emphasizes learning that is rigorous and relevant, preparing students exceptionally well for high school and beyond.

Middle School Science:
Students learn scientific topics at an accelerated rate in Topeka Collegiate Middle School’s science classroom. The newly designed curriculum pulls from Next Generation Science Standards, ensuring students enter high school with the potential to be top performers. Additionally, the entire classroom is modeled after the university lecture hall, staying true to the college preparatory experience.

Middle School Math:
The middle school math program focuses on developing and strengthening algebraic thought processes. Students who need acceleration begin with pre-algebra in sixth grade; grade-level classes start with introduction to pre-algebra. We emphasize the importance of understanding and explaining the underlying mathematical principles, and we encourage students to show their work. Graphing calculators assist in problem solving. Students complete eighth grade prepared for high school geometry or algebra II.

Middle School Language Arts:
The primary focus of middle school language arts is situational (rhetorical) awareness and knowledge of the major conventions of academic writing. The purpose of this is twofold: first, students learn the importance of knowing their audience to best tailor their written communications (a major component of the types of writing they will have to generate at higher academic levels); second, students become aware of the conventional nature of writing “rules,” which helps them become confident developing writers by not framing the personal languages they are already comfortable with as “incorrect” or “deficient.” Their writing abilities are further developed through vocabulary-building and challenging reading and writing assignments (response, analysis, synthesis, argument, etc.) We nurture a love of writing through a quarter-long unit based exclusively around generating original creative writing.

"I'm most grateful to Topeka Collegiate for giving me tools which have enabled me to keep learning on my own ever since I graduated."  -- Alum


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