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On the eve of its 40th year as the only independent school in the region, Topeka Collegiate gathered the school community to discuss the future. Over 200 individuals shared their vision for the small, innovative school.

Three pillars emerged within the school's new strategic plan: Educate; Connect; Sustain. Offering an 8:1 student-to-teacher ratio on a centrally-located eight-acre campus, Topeka Collegiate is well-positioned to grow.

The Sustain Campaign will fund the spaces and strategies to inspire young Eagles to soar to new heights.

The Weekly 3 - Construction Updates

February 23-

  • Building Addition began to have its windows installed this week! 
  • Window replacement continues. This week, we were able to complete the PreKindergarten, 4th grade, Wellness room, and one Kindergarten classroom. Their old windows were taken out, and new windows were installed.
  • Building addition: A ceiling grid is now  installed in most classrooms.  Pipe insulation is nearly complete. The bathroom wall tile is now installed as well. 


February 16- 

Our contractor, KBS Constructors, has been an outstanding partner. We appreciate their attention to the many details, complicated plans, and professionalism in working with the subcontractors. Our students have really enjoyed getting to know the crew! 

  • Windows: Four spaces (5th grade, Middle school History, Lower School Spanish and 1st grade) were replaced this week.  The windows are beautiful! It is quite a puzzle to keep school in session while moving classrooms of students to different locations. The impacted teachers and students handled these changes beautifully.
  • Building Addition: This week a few of the classrooms had a ceiling grid installed and walls were painted. All the classrooms have their accent wall painting completed. The fire alarm wiring and above ceiling piping work continues. 
  • HVAC: The cooling tower piping and tie-in is nearly completion. 


February 9- 

  • Front Entry: the first of two clear sliding doors has been installed. These three-panel glass doors will allow an open view while securing the school’s office in the off hours. Thanks to Kennedy Glass for their craftsmanship. 
  • Windows: This week, we had three classrooms receive their new windows.  This included the 3rd grade, 1st grade, and a storage room.  The students have been able to focus on their task at hand while work goes on around them. Take a look at the photo of our 3rd grade student and Justin outside their window. 
  • Building Addition: On a typical day, there are 14 tradesmen working on this space. Key work this week included HVAC piping and insulation and finishing the sheet rock. In fact, all sheetrock will be completed next week.   The first coat of painting has been completed in about 50% of the space. 

February 2-

  • Font Entry:  The clear-story windows were installed this week. Three classrooms will have their window replacement take place next week.
  • Building Addition: Sheetrock is complete, and painting is underway. Former Head of School Mary Beth Marchiony took a tour of construction this week. It was great to share the progress with her.
  • New Roof:  Part of the original building, our early childhood wing had a new roof installed this week. This has been needed for a long time. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the school’s renovations.

January 26, 2024-

  • Windows: This week, two classrooms were displaced for window replacements. Thank you to Mrs. Brewer (kindergarten) and Mrs. Siebert (music) for your flexibility. Both teachers have returned to their classrooms and are enjoying their new windows.
  • Student Tours: All students took a tour today. They learned about the new camera and security systems and walked through parts of the building addition. 
  • Building Addition: The handprint wall is now replaced by a temporary partition.  Students were awed by the open collaboration spaces and new fine arts classrooms and were really impressed by the construction worker on stilts. Students were able to see the tools he used to reach the top of the walls and stay safe from inhaling dust. All staff members received a new fob this week. To increase safety and security campus-wide, the school is moving to a keyless access system.  


January 19, 2024-

  • Windows: In spite of the frigid temperatures, the first classroom set of windows were replaced this week.  Next week we will enjoy much warmer temperatures (40's), so the Kennedy Glass crew will continue their process of completing window replacement. Teachers and their students are ready for the necessary and temporary displacement. We have been waiting for a long time and everyone is excited for new windows that will bring increased efficiency, safety, and beauty to the classrooms.
  • HVAC: Speaking of frigid temperatures, the new heating system arrived just in time. We were able to provide fresh warm air throughout the building with no worries or discomfort. Everyone at Collegiate says thank you to those who have donated to the Sustain Campaign.
  • Building Addition: Much work continues inside the new building. Next week students will have a tour to see it firsthand. We will share their reaction in the next week's update.

January 12, 2024 - We are happy to return to our Weekly Three Updates this week. After the excitement of our first Ribbon Cutting, the crews directed their attention to other areas.  

  • New safety features: The students were able to hear the new fire system during our first test on Monday. Everyone enjoyed the drill with voice commands, visual lights, and very clear intercom system. 
  • HVAC: The new HVAC system is now on and working. Ample, warm, fresh air fills every classroom. Parents frequently comment on how the front entry feels so warm and cozy with the heat and carpet.
  • Building Addition: Construction on the Building Addition is progressing. They are close to the completion of the sheetrock. The roof and roughings are complete. Most of the ductwork and HVAC units are installed as well.

January 5, 2024-  The school thanks the many friends and families who joined us for our first Ribbon Cutting on January 4.  It was a chilly Kansas morning, but we had a huge supportive turnout for the significant event. We have uploaded the program, so please check it out. The Front Entry is incredible - in appearance, safety, security, and temperature. We will post a more traditional update on Friday, but please take the time to read our Ribbon Cutting program. 

December 22 - While our staff and students are on Winter Break, the construction crews, led by KBS Constructors, are making incredible progress. THANK YOU to each and every donor who has made this project a reality. We are excited to share this historic accomplishment with our school community.

  • Front Entry: The first glass panels were installed. Thank you to Kennedy Glass for your work on this exceptional feature. The custom-built cabinetry was installed, and final coats of paint were applied. The light fixtures are in place. Masons completed the brick veneer.  We will be ready for the Ribbon Cutting on January 4 at 8:30 AM. 
  • Building Addition: Installation of insulation is nearly complete. The blocking and framing for the collaboration spaces, nooks, and storage spaces are complete. The roof was completed, too! The new sewer line was laid on Thursday, tying the existing and new systems together. 
  • HVAC: The new system is officially on, and members of our staff took part in initial training. The Samco crew continues to progress on the system, fine-tuning and adjusting its many features. On Thursday, the new campus-wide fire detection and notification system was tested. What a modern system it is!!!  

December 15 - Today was the last day students had to enter through the alternative entrances of the library or the Eagle Foyer! When students return for 2nd semester, our new front entry will be ready for them. We are super excited about our first Ribbon Cutting event on January 4 at 8:30 AM.

  • Front Entry:  All drywall has been completed, so the painters began this week.
  • Building Addition: 80% of the roof is complete. Plumbing and framing are ongoing. Sheetrock began this week.
  • HVAC: The last couple of pieces of equipment were set in place this week. Final touches of the system are taking place now. Next week, the schools’ new HVAC will be turned on. Staff will receive their training on its operation next week too. 
    Students said goodbye to their temporary classroom units today that have been in use since August. When students return from Winter Break, their classrooms will be warmed with their new, high-efficiency, and high-comfort systems. 

December 8-

  • Front Entry: The sheetrock, framing, and the first round of painting are done. Window frames are in place, and we are awaiting glass.
  • Building Addition: Our Interior framing is complete. The in-wall roughins are 90% complete.  Roofing will begin Monday, with Sheetrock starting shortly after. 
  • HVAC: Our VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives) and circulation pumps are installed. Classroom controls are installed, and the program is being loaded. Plans are to turn on our new HVAC in about 10 days!!!!

December 1-

  • Front Entry: The crews are finishing the wall sheetrock and the skylights sheetrock. Most ductwork is completed, and the HVAC units are set in place. The painters will begin on Monday. 
  • HVAC: All classroom registers are set in place, and the temporary rooftop system is warming classrooms. 
  • Building Addition: The interior framing (classrooms and bathrooms) is almost complete. The plumbing rough-in continues while the wall rough-ins are complete. The building addition will have an international flag gallery to showcase the many national origins of our families. Those many national flags will be ordered next week. 

November 17-

  • Front Entry: As of today, our front entry is temporarily enclosed. The office windows are installed, and what an amazing change it is! The roof is dried in. Finally, the sheetrock is 80% complete. Building Addition:  the external walls have changed colors from yellow to green. The hollow core panels are set, and the roof decking is complete. The interior framing continues. 
    Boiler Room: HVAC piping continues.
    November 10- 
  • Front Entry: Great progress happened this week. Framing, electrical rough-ins, and plumbing rough-ins are all completed. The external weather barrier is completed. Next week, we will see the start of roofing, windows, and sheetrock take place. 
  • Building Addition: All exterior sheathing is complete. Plumbing and electric rough-in is underway. Next week, the hollow core panels and concrete pouring will be completed. Roof decking will begin next week, too. 
  • The boiler room continues to be transformed. The HVAC piping continues. 

We are pleased to announce the date of our first Ribbon Cutting ceremony. Please mark your calendars for Thursday, January 4, 2024, at 8:30 AM for the ribbon cutting of our new secure front entry. Join us as we celebrate the opening of our new entrance for the first time.

November 3-

  • Front Entry Update: Great news! Close to 80% of the framing work for the front entry is complete, and all the roof decking has been done. We are thrilled to see the new wood windows in place. 
  • During the parent-teacher conference, our new chiller was installed on the roof, and all the pipe hangers were fitted in the boiler room.
  • All the staff and students were able to take a construction tour today. The tour gave us a first-hand look at the Fine Arts corridor, Storm Shelter, and classrooms. KBS superintendent Tim showed us the finished roof decking and rebar, which are now ready for the hollow core panels. To top it all off, we signed our names on the block wall with a sharpie, reminding us that we will always have a lasting impact on the school. Let us take pride in our community and continue to embrace our motto, “Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle.”

October 27- 

  • The construction progress of our building addition is moving forward with remarkable speed. The crew accomplished several significant achievements in the front entry area, including the completion of the concrete pouring for the front entry and wood blocking. Furthermore, external framing is in progress, and roof decking is partially complete.
  • The Storm Shelter's masonry construction is done, and rebar is in place for its hollow core roof, scheduled to start November 6th. The completed structural steel for the windows is an excellent addition to its solid foundation. About 25% of the roof decking is completed, and the crew is working tirelessly to hasten the rest of the process.
  • HVAC registers or cassettes are now installed in 13 classrooms, with more scheduled during the Parent-Teacher Conferences. 
  • On November 3rd, all staff and students are to have a detailed tour of the Building Addition, and they will be given the opportunity to walk through the fine arts corridor and personalize the block walls by signing their names, marking this impressive milestone. 

October 20- 

  • The Front Entry saw significant improvement this week.  The structural steel is now completed, as well as the steel roof decking. The floor is prepped and ready for the concrete pour next week. 
  • The Boiler Room, which holds the updated HVAC systems, is really shaping up.  Most of the equipment is onsite and set in place.  Additionally, the necessary ductwork, valves, pipes, and tunnel prep have been completed. 
  • Our Building Addition continued to rise up from the foundation. The masons have been working steadily on the storm shelter block. It is nearly 70% complete. Next week, they will finish framing the masonry.  We are excited to see the hollow core panels set for the storm shelter roof after Halloween. The rebar is now in place for the ceiling decking. The steel rebar at the top of the block walls clearly shows the strength of this important safety feature. 

October 13-

  • The structural steel at the front entry is about 80% completed. The interior framing is underway. Concrete work for the floor pouring will be completed by Oct. 23.
  • Installation of the window steel frames of the building addition began this week. Also, our masonry crew worked steadily on the blocks of our storm shelter are about 25% completed.
  • HVAC equipment for the HVAC continues to be delivered, and its setting is underway. In place now are our air separator, cooler pumps, and boiler pumps. 

October 6- 

  • During the first week of October, the installation of the structural steel for the front entry continued, and the work is expected to be completed within a few days. It was exciting to see the door frames of our new nurse's office, which is being sponsored by our friends Russell and Jane Greene. 
  • The framing for the building addition is now being put in place, with classroom walls starting to take shape. A skilled brick-laying crew started building the structural wall of the storm shelter. 
  • As there won't be any students on Monday, a DL Smith crew will replace our electrical panels with updated breakers.

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