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On the eve of its 40th year as the only independent school in the region, Topeka Collegiate gathered the school community to discuss the future. Over 200 individuals shared their vision for the small, innovative school.

Three pillars emerged within the school's new strategic plan: Educate; Connect; Sustain. Offering an 8:1 student-to-teacher ratio on a centrally-located eight-acre campus, Topeka Collegiate is well-positioned to grow.

The Sustain Campaign will fund the spaces and strategies to inspire young Eagles to soar to new heights.

The Weekly 3 - Construction Updates

Final post, April 12-

It is hard to believe, but this will be our final construction update.  The building is just a few days away from occupancy.  The staff will be moving in to their new classrooms on April 18-22 and classes will begin on April 23.   The KBS crew will continue to be onsite to finish small tasks, but students will be enjoying the collaboration spaces and new classrooms in just over a week. Thank you to all of our donors and friends who have made this project a reality. We are eager to celebrate the accomplishment with you on campus, on April 27 at Evening on Eveningside.   


April 5-

  • The original building’s final set of windows were removed this week. Our library will have its replacement windows completed by the end of today.
  • The Building Addition continued to have its finishing touches this week. This included classroom carpet/tile installation and glass marker board installation. The reading nook has been replaced. The skylight will be installed early next week in the Collaboration space. 
  • In the latter part of next week, the west doors of the Eagle Foyer will be replaced. 
    The east side of our campus has had significant dirt work this week. This will lead to new sidewalks connecting the exterior doors together and move our dumpster pad to the northeast section of campus.
  • After ten months, the KBS office trailer pulled away today. This was a visible sign that we truly are very close to phase one Sustain Campaign’s completion.  The KBS team will continue to be onsite, sharing space in one of our beloved learning cottages.

March 29-  With only three weeks remaining in the Sustain Campaign phase one construction, we are very close to the end of our weekly updates.

  • This week we were thrilled to have the new doors installed in the Eagle Foyer leading to the Building Addition.  Other campus exterior doors were replaced this week too.  These doors not only add a modern look to our campus, but provide an increased level of safety.  Soon, a new intrusion system and camera system will be in place to heighten campus security.
  • The Building Addition's Reading Nook, has been built and is in place.  
  • Finally, classrooms with East and South facing windows had their window blinds installed this week by Budget Blinds.  They have been such great partners on this project.  

We are excited to share all the renovations and new learning spaces with our community on April 27 at Evening on Eveningside Dr. 

March 22-

  • The Building Addition is coming together at lightning speed. The first three classrooms now have carpet.  All classrooms have ceiling tiles and lights installed.  Classrooms have their cabinets installed, though the countertops are not yet applied.  
  • The middle school loaning library nook is in place and the reading nook has its component parts on site. Installation will start soon. Exterior doors are being installed as well as some interior doors.  
  • Fascia trim replacement began this week on the original building.  Coupled with the new windows, the building looks beautiful, virtually brand new.  We are excited to share all of the renovations and new learning spaces with our community on April 27 at Evening on Eveningside Dr. 


March 15-  While staff and students were off campus this week for Spring Break, the construction teams took advantage of the freed space.  

  • The Building Addition had most of its ceiling tile, cabinetry in place and lighting completed. The masons were very busy applying the brick envelope to the Building Addition too.  They will need a few more days next week to finish up. 
  • Window replacement is complete for classrooms.   The crew is now working on window replacements in various spaces such as the Assembly Hall and bathrooms. 
  • We are excited to see staff and students' reactions to the new carpeted hallways.  


March 8-

  • This week, the bricklayers mobilized. Rain cut their work short, but they will return next week for brick cladding of the Building Addition.
  • Doors and window work continues.  This week we saw work on the Boiler Room, bathrooms and the Southeast corner of the building (next to Ms. Baldwin’s classroom).  We anticipate another big week with doors and windows next week while staff and students are on spring break.
  • Installation of casework in the new classrooms is underway. 


  • March 1-
    Windows: All but one classroom’s window replacement is now complete. The one remaining classroom is Mrs. Bammes’ 2nd grade classroom.  We were happy to delay it till the end to ensure that the classroom chicks could be hatched without disruption.  This week we welcomed 12 baby chicks to the world. The students were excited to name them, and next week the students (and chicks) will go to their temporary room for a couple of days and the new windows will be installed.
  • Front entry: Next week the ground will be prepped for our school sign and flag pole.
  • Eagle Foyer work: next week our west doors of the Eagle Foyer will be replaced.  All students and families will need to enter and exit through our front entrance due to the Eagle Foyer door closure next week. 
  • A fourth update this week: Ceiling tile installation is well underway in the Building Addition. 


February 23-

  • Building Addition began to have its windows installed this week! 
  • Window replacement continues. This week, we were able to complete the PreKindergarten, 4th grade, Wellness room, and one Kindergarten classroom. Their old windows were taken out, and new windows were installed.
  • Building addition: A ceiling grid is now  installed in most classrooms.  Pipe insulation is nearly complete. The bathroom wall tile is now installed as well. 


February 16- 

Our contractor, KBS Constructors, has been an outstanding partner. We appreciate their attention to the many details, complicated plans, and professionalism in working with the subcontractors. Our students have really enjoyed getting to know the crew! 

  • Windows: Four spaces (5th grade, Middle school History, Lower School Spanish and 1st grade) were replaced this week.  The windows are beautiful! It is quite a puzzle to keep school in session while moving classrooms of students to different locations. The impacted teachers and students handled these changes beautifully.
  • Building Addition: This week a few of the classrooms had a ceiling grid installed and walls were painted. All the classrooms have their accent wall painting completed. The fire alarm wiring and above ceiling piping work continues. 
  • HVAC: The cooling tower piping and tie-in is nearly completion. 


February 9- 

  • Front Entry: the first of two clear sliding doors has been installed. These three-panel glass doors will allow an open view while securing the school’s office in the off hours. Thanks to Kennedy Glass for their craftsmanship. 
  • Windows: This week, we had three classrooms receive their new windows.  This included the 3rd grade, 1st grade, and a storage room.  The students have been able to focus on their task at hand while work goes on around them. Take a look at the photo of our 3rd grade student and Justin outside their window. 
  • Building Addition: On a typical day, there are 14 tradesmen working on this space. Key work this week included HVAC piping and insulation and finishing the sheet rock. In fact, all sheetrock will be completed next week.   The first coat of painting has been completed in about 50% of the space. 

February 2-

  • Font Entry:  The clear-story windows were installed this week. Three classrooms will have their window replacement take place next week.
  • Building Addition: Sheetrock is complete, and painting is underway. Former Head of School Mary Beth Marchiony took a tour of construction this week. It was great to share the progress with her.
  • New Roof:  Part of the original building, our early childhood wing had a new roof installed this week. This has been needed for a long time. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the school’s renovations.

January 26, 2024-

  • Windows: This week, two classrooms were displaced for window replacements. Thank you to Mrs. Brewer (kindergarten) and Mrs. Siebert (music) for your flexibility. Both teachers have returned to their classrooms and are enjoying their new windows.
  • Student Tours: All students took a tour today. They learned about the new camera and security systems and walked through parts of the building addition. 
  • Building Addition: The handprint wall is now replaced by a temporary partition.  Students were awed by the open collaboration spaces and new fine arts classrooms and were really impressed by the construction worker on stilts. Students were able to see the tools he used to reach the top of the walls and stay safe from inhaling dust. All staff members received a new fob this week. To increase safety and security campus-wide, the school is moving to a keyless access system.  

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