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Collegiate Kitchen

After a successful inaugural year, Collegiate Kitchen, powered by Bobby's Food Co., will continue for the 2023-24 school year.

Our lunch program, like our academic program, sets us apart. From getting to know local growers and trying new ingredients to studying the cultural origins of menu items, lunch won't just be about eating; it will be an experience!  Processed food is kept to a minimum. Students and staff will enjoy fresh, delicious, and locally sourced meals and the following items: 

  • salad bar
  • fresh fruit tower
  • hot meal (meat or vegetarian)
  • hot vegetable side option
  • fruit-infused water
  • white, chocolate, or strawberry milk
  • soups and desserts will also be served regularly

As an added convenience, all staff and students are automatically enrolled in the upcoming term. To opt out and bring a lunch from home each day, complete this form.

We are proud to serve Collegiate Kitchen's noon meal with diverse and nutritious benefits.


April 27 Event