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The greatest gift we can give our children is to surround them with the teachers, peers and resources that will nurture their potential. Your gifts make that possible.

Philanthropy is based on individual voluntary action for the common good. Endowment is essential to a school’s long-term financial security and guarantees that the institution will flourish for generations to come. It also helps the school adapt to changing times and various economic pressures. Annual funds help us live; endowment funds help us grow.

All gifts designated to any endowment maintained by the school are considered restricted gifts with the income used only in accordance with the school's investment policy. The school encourages unrestricted gifts to the general endowment fund; however, gifts to any of the school's named endowment funds are also welcome.

Topeka Collegiate SChool Endowment Fund

This fund provides assets for Topeka Collegiate in perpetuity and provides essential returns for school operations. Gifts to this fund will ensure that Topeka Collegiate will have a lasting legacy and long-term sustainability. 

In addition to the Topeka Collegiate Endowment Fund, we also have four named endowment funds for specific initiatives as established by their founder. Learn more about each of these generous opportunities below.

Norma and Alan Hill Memorial Fund

The Norma and Alan Hill Memorial Fund was established to honor one of our school’s early trustees and his wife. Norma Hill’s wish was that awards from the fund make “a significant difference” in the life of a child.

Phyllis Hoyt ENDOWED Mathematics Chair Fund

Since its founding, Topeka Collegiate has had a proud history of success in mathematics. From 1982 to 2018, the math program was virtually embodied by one person - Phyllis Hoyt. Phyllis guided a generation of students through pre-algebra, algebra and geometry. Her students consistently were the top mathematics students in high school and they credit Phyllis Hoyt. This fund was created to ensure our future students’ achievement is not compromised, and to provide for a continuity of excellence.

Susan Horan Garlinghouse Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund helps students who qualify for admission but whose families need assistance to make a Topeka Collegiate education possible for them. Susan and Kent have felt from the start that quality education should be the birthright of all children, and they remain committed to doing whatever they can do to make that possible.

Susan Buder Horan Memorial Fund

The Susan Buder Horan Memorial Scholarship Fund is named for founder Susan Garlinghouse’s mother and serves as a fitting tribute to a woman who loved her family and prized educational opportunity.

"The opportunity for an education that enlightens, encourages and keeps the bright star of learning alive and well is the most important gift a child can ever receive. My wish is for this to be a universal birthright." - Founder Susan Garlinghouse

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