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7th grade science working with microscopes

We are a college preparatory school with a three-decade-long history of remarkable student achievement. Our curriculum is challenging, designed to provide a strong preparation for high school and college, and to secure the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Skilled, committed, empathetic teachers engage students in small learning groups. We know all children are uniquely gifted. We take the time to find out what makes each child excited about learning, and to accommodate each student's interests, strengths, and pace of learning.

Our faculty averages 15.8 years of teaching experience. Eighteen of our teachers have advanced degrees, six are in programs leading to such degrees, and one is a PhD.

By the time they graduate, our students are ready to take their places as the leaders of tomorrow - critical thinkers, innovators, collaborators and humanitarians - equipped with the skills they will need not just for their next educational step, but for successful lives as global citizens.

We focus on the development of children from preschool through eighth grade in three divisions:

Early Childhood - Preschool - Kindergarten

Lower School - 1st through 5th Grades

Middle School - 6th through 8th Grades

Girls preparing rocket for launch

"Topeka Collegiate is a place where a child is happy to study and is encouraged to learn in a place where it's okay to be a smart kid."

-- Parent

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