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Computer Technology

Students in lower grades attend computer class once a week.  Preschool students use educational computer activities including iPad applications to reinforce and enrich regular classroom concepts. We introduce robotics and basic coding skills. In kindergarten we introduce basic coding skills to to begin teaching critical and algorithmic thinking.

First-grade students use Microsoft Word tools to create invitations and insert pictures into documents. Second-grade students explore the world of robotics and apply algorithmic and critical thinking skills to the coding process.

Third, fourth and fifth-grade students learn basic keyboarding skills, presentation programs and basic Chromebook tools and applications. They expand their knowledge of Microsoft programs and Google Apps and learn how to transfer skills across platforms. We examine changes in the world of technology and how they impact workplaces, homes, daily lives and the environment.

Students in middle school learn how technology can enhance their education. Our quarterly learning goals include the following:

Google Apps and Chromebooks - Utilizing apps in the school and the workplace; creating presentation and making technology meaningful in presentations; increasing Chromebook efficiency by exploring tools in Google Suite.

Computer Coding - Utilizing online and offline activities to increase student understanding of basic coding; learning critical and algorithmic thinking skills; preparing for the Hour of Code event.

Robotics - Applying coding skills to the world of robotics; utilizing classroom robot sets for hands-on activities.

Year in Review - Reviewing and expanding on areas of student interest; special student-driven technology projects.

Preschool through second grade students use iPads every day in the classroom. Our first-grade students’ worlds are expanding with access to programs designed to complement our reading and math programs. In addition, the iPads provide countless creative opportunities to enhance our students’ learning.   The classrooms in third through fifth grade are equipped with Chromebooks for use during the school day. Middle School students each have a Chromebook. The technology enhances teaching and learning in profound ways.

Each sixth, seventh and eighth grade student is loaned a Chromebook to use throughout the day – at school and at home. The easy access to technology changes the way students conduct research in history, design projects in science, begin Spanish class, and write papers in language arts.‚Äč

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