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Virtual Reality Lab

Topeka Collegiate School L3   

Limitless. Learning. Lab.


COVID-19 Update: Topeka Collegiate students will not be using the Virtual Reality lab during the 2021-2022 School Year, in an effort to mitigate risk.  

Topeka Collegiate is the only elementary or middle school in the Topeka area with its own Virtual Reality Lab. We are so excited about the new experiences and beyond the book learning our Virtual Reality Lab offers our students. Whether exploring the earth's landforms, diving into the depths of our great oceans, or taking an interactive walk through the human skeletal system, the VR Lab offers opportunities that cannot be replaced in the classroom. It's an ideal space for creativity, curiosity and critical thinking.

About Virtual Reality

Virtual reality provides a full 360-degree video experience. The user is able to watch video in a traditional manner from the two-dimentional perspective, but unlike just passively watching, the experience can now also rotate from that perspective to see up, down, front, back, and side-to-side from the original starting point. As the video moves, the experience changes according to the user's requested perspective.

Our VR System

Topeka Collegiate has the HTC Vive Pro virtual reality headset, which combines existing desktop VR with room-scale motion. This gives players a full-body experience, providing one-to-one tracking of the headset and two controllers. The HTC Vive is one of the most premium virutal reality systems on the market. Our newly designed virtual reality lab was built to provide users with 127 square feet of "play space" to take full advantage of the Vive Pro experience.

User Experience

VR users fully experience the setting with new depth, height and a whole new immersive level of learning and understanding. This level of immersion can enhance student engagement in a topic and even place students virtually in a time or place they otherwise could not experience. Through VR, we enhance the learning that is already taking place in our classroom curriculums.

VR Lab Partners

Thank you to the companies and individuals who gave of their time and talents to make our dream of building a Limitless Learning Lab and Virtual Reality space a reality at Topeka Collegiate. Thank you, also, to a generous anonymous donor for funding this important learning opportunity for our school.

Thank you to our VR Lab Partners! 

​​​​Justin Stowe

"[The new VR lab] ...allows you to leave the school and be somewhere you can never go in your life."

-Aditi, 6th grade

"It is really cool learning about the human body in Latin through VR."

-Roman, 7th grade

"It was so cool to be inside the space station and its different parts."

-Drake, 2nd grade

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