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Who We Are

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Students at Topeka Collegiate come from a variety of backgrounds and communities throughout the Topeka and Lawrence areas. While they are culturally, economically, racially and religiously diverse, all share an eagerness to learn.

Year after year, Topeka Collegiate students' standardized test scores place them among the highest-achieving independent school students in the nation. This is no surprise, as teachers are given the freedom to tailor their classroom curriculum to the individual needs of their students. Teachers work with parents to ensure that students are academically challenged and nurtured to reach their full potential.       

Our curriculum emphasizes math, science, history, reading, writing and Spanish. Specialists teach science, Spanish, computer science, music, art and physical education in all grades.

We honor learning and achievement at Topeka Collegiate. Children come here to receive an education that nurtures natural curiosity, cultivates a sense of personal commitment to service and develops principles of integrity, honesty, and a sense of fairness and justice.

Children leave Topeka Collegiate as young men and women who have a love of learning that will stay with them for their entire lives. They have a broad range of interests and openness to new ideas. They are communicators, risk takers and critical thinkers.


"When we first walked through the door at Topeka Collegiate, we knew we were home."