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Lower School


We believe that students in elementary school learn best when their teachers truly know who they are. Our small class sizes foster close relationships between teachers and students. Teachers can thus meet students’ individual learning needs with the appropriate amount of challenge and support. Our Lower School program provides students with a solid grounding in mathematical thinking and language arts, complemented by social studies, science, visual arts, music, physical education, computer skills, and Spanish.

Students explore the world through hands-on experiences and become enthusiastic life-long learners. Students engage in a variety of experiential learning activities, from re-enacting life in a one-room schoolhouse to re-creating the Amazonian rainforest. In every grade level, they design, script, and perform class assemblies before the entire school every year. The Lower School nurtures learners who are confident, curious, and joyful.




"Our teachers here smile.  They look like they really enjoy being here."  

-- Parent