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Why Collegiate?

Choosing the right school for your child

I think one of the unique advantages looking at the environment that Collegiate offers is everybody is coming at it more or less with the same commitment to a solid foundation in education. And so, by virtue of that, everybody is operating kind of on the same playing field. We’ve seen that play out; it allows students to start at a common level, but also be pushed at and able to excel...” - Alumni parent

Top Ten Reasons to Choose Topeka Collegiate School

  • We treat all children as uniquely gifted, and all parents as partners.
  • Every child receives individual attention from exceptional teachers in small learning groups.
  • All children are safe, understood, and loved.
  • All families value a quality education.
  • The focus is on academic excellence for the 21st century: Not just the 3 Rs, but the 5 Cs: critical thinking, collaboration, communication, character, and creativity.
  • Science, fine art, music, technology, library, PE, and Spanish are taught by specialists all year long, every year, from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grades.
  • Students excel in academic competitions (History Day, SumDay, MathCounts) at the state and national levels.
  • Topeka Collegiate alumni represent 2% of Topeka-area high school seniors, yet they make up 25% of National Merit Finalists.
  • TCS graduates become leaders in their high schools, and 99.4% go to college.
  • TCS graduates are life-long learners.

“Our collective goal is for each and every child to be cared for as an individual at Topeka Collegiate. We want our students to feel confidently challenged and graduate with a lifelong love of learning.”  - Dr. Rantz, Head of School

Two boys laughing over computer

“I love the encouraging environment our children receive here; to be unafraid and willing to step out and challenge themselves.”

-    Parent